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Michele di Erre Art



Welcome, my name is Michele di Erre, just browse my art to get to know me better, from my paintings, drawings, illustrations to my books.

People, Animals and Nature are a recurring theme in my work, mixed as in a dream, ordering it into an image.

I am an illustrator, heavily inspired by trips I take, experiences I have, my dreams and urban sketch. My work consists of original hand drawn illustrations, oil paintings and sometime murales. On here I am selling: Original Paintings, Drawings and Illustrations, but you could find also Prints, Cards, Stickers and Tattoo ideas.​

All of my artworks are designed, drawn and posted by me (at the moment). My studios are based in between UK & Italy, but you can often find me traveling around the world with my family Amy & Kosmos. I'm currently in Colombia.
If you have any questions or queries please message me


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Michele di Erre Illustrations



I offer original paintings, illustrations or graphics for personal and commercial use from logos to tattoo designs, from portraits (any subject) to internal or external murals. I love working with clients to produce something original in my style or similar to mine.
All of my work is hand crafted, created in my studio or in the place I am currently calling home.

Whatever you are imagining, I can bring it to life on paper, on canvas or wall. ​
If you are interested in working with me to create something for you with my skills then send me a message.

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Deck of 22 original tarot cards

Order now at 18 


City on deer

Ink on paper 

Serie Urbanimals



Illustrated guide for curious islanders

Available in ecological Ebook format

Order now at 3 

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Jim Callaghan, New Zealand

“Really pleased with it. Mr Rabbit has a friend now. Happy to have another of your "children" my friend!”
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