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Technique: Oil and pure amber

Support: Canvas

Size in cm: 90x65

Turin, ITA, june 2015

Available with frame

Quella finestra nel Bosco

  • Hans, Gretel and Little red hood in the wood as teenager

    This paint was started with the blind contour technic.

    I painted this in UK after a long trip from Australia to New Zealand, I started painting on canvas again after 4 years, this picture which for me is my sense of loss, in a world where I don't feel like I belong. From today I decided to take my artistic work and my life more seriously. Follow the white rabbit and see where all this can take me.
    In this series I explore the human possibilities of some characters from classic and modern fairy tales with new interpretations. The paintings in this gallery are mostly oils on different supports such as canvas and wood, in different sizes and prices. Each of these works take inspiration from my Urban Sketches, and then evolve into several elaborate compositions enriched with colours, characters or elements of the fairy tale universe.

    Each work is certified with my signature on the back of the painting.

    Thanks for your visit.

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