“Born in Torino 1979, I worked for 8 years as an actor, during and after my studies at University. During this time, I grew an interest towards stagecraft more than acting. I attended the atelier of stage designer/painter Daniela Dal Cin and for the following 10 years, worked as a lighting technician for all the main theatres in Torino, whilst doing photography in my free time. In 2010 I started teaching myself how to draw in my own time by reading books and working alongside other artists. I  started working as an artist full time 7 years ago, illustrating for others with a graphic poem in 2013, and a graphic song in 2014. Since the beginning of my experience with drawing, I've been continually searching for a style that could represent my perception of reality. One such method I have used is peripheral drawing, in which the subject is drawn whilst always looking away from the sketchbook, and I have enjoyed progressively stretching the possibilities of this simple exercise to their limit, discovering a reality that appears disaggregated in its rational form, but holds an extremely powerful expressive strength, I call this sub-realism. You are able to see the outcome of this method within my portraiture portfolio. Currently, I take a significant amount of inspiration from my subconscious, from my dreams. For 3 years, I have developed an interest in lucid dreaming, recording dreams in detail and find it an amazingly rich source for my imagination along with my desire to travel the world as much as possible with my sketchbook.  I am presently hiding from co-vid in New Zealand!