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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Find answers to frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact me via chat or email me and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Is there a book of your artwork available?

"The Blind Drawing" is a collection of my paintings and drawings, aiming to be published December 2024. Go to the menu on "Books" to find others that are still available.

I’ve seen your artwork on shirts before. Where can I pick some up?
The best place is FineArtAmerica or for special requests just drop me a message and I will answer you as soon as possible.

What shipping costs does your work have?
The shipping costs are for almost all the jobs included in the sale price you see, with some exceptions for very large works that must be calculated according to the area of the world where you are.

I live in New Zealand, will the works arrive at my house?

Yes, I ship to all places in the world. No matter where you are, you can buy my artwork and it will arrive at your home. When you place your order and the package or box is ready, you will receive a tracking code if it's an original work. For prints or anything else, you have to pay for tracking in addition.

Do you have a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, and it will be sent along with the artwork.

How can I pay?

At the moment, you have different payment systems:  1- PAYPAL 2- BANK TRANSFER (recommended) Just follow the payment process with the system you like best. If you have any problems, contact me and we will see together how to proceed.

How can I see your available works?

Through the menu, you can navigate through the different collections. If the work is not available it is marked as sold, private collection or not available because it is kept in a museum.

Do you do commissioned paintings?
Yes, on select occasions. I spend most of my time painting, drawing or writing new projects. When I take on commissions, I like to have creative control to ensure that the outcome of the painting is consistent with my artistic vision.

How often is a new artwork uploaded to the web?

Recent artworks are immediately available. When a series of paintings ends, they are loaded onto the web and can then be purchased. I am also incorporating older works into the web catalogue. Keep your eyes peeled as I update my website each week with new works.

Can I buy the prints of your works?
Yes. At the moment only on the FineArtAmerica platform. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can contact me privately and let's see together what can be done. The other works you will see on the web are unique artworks. There is only one in the world and reproduction rights belong to the artist. If you find prints of Michele di Erre's works on other platforms, these are fraudulent, not authorized or original.

I am interested in your artwork but it is already sold. What can I do?

Unfortunately its already gone, BUT there may be an authorised print available so check in the Store page if it's available. can be an authorised print.

I bought a Michele di Erre work years ago but I don't have a certificate of authenticity. Can I get one?
You are lucky to deal with a living artist.  Send me a photo of the work to confirm that it is an original and we will indicate the procedure for obtaining your certificate.

Write to me on

Will you draw a custom tattoo design for me?

I would love to. I am quite busy with other projects but you could email me and I will process as soon as possible your request. Check out my tattoo designs page and please feel free to use any of my artwork on this website as tattoos. Send pics if you can.

Will you design my album cover for my band?

It all depends on the project and my schedule.  Sometimes licensing my existing artwork can be a good option. Please contact me


I'm an artist just starting out. Any advice on how I can improve my drawing and painting skills?
The best thing you could do at this stage is really refine your drawing and layout skills. Set up still lifes to draw so you can learn light and shadow. Draw from a model or photos of people to get all your perspectives down. Once you have a good drawing base and good concepts, the painting will follow. I always found studying the old masters like Caravaggio and da Vinci was helpful and still is. Look into Art History and the way they painted before even looking at what is going on these days. It is far better to learn from the past and work forwards.

What medium do you use to paint with?

I use many different mediums: oil, acrylics and watercolour. In my drawing I use pencil, charcoal, ink, fine line pen.

What other art supplies do you recommend?

Try everything and find out which one suits you best.

What or who inspires you?

Animals, Insects, sea-life, plants, humans in their various contexts, urban life, Miyazaki, Moebius, dottor trip, Pazienza, Manara, BlackSad, Caravaggio, Bosh, Dr. Seuss, Christopher Moore, Harry Potter.

You must have taken a lots of drugs to come up with the ideas for your drawings. What are you on?

In some rare and select moments I love the green. Otherwise I'm basically drug free and alcohol free.

How long does it take for you to create a painting?

It’s hard to tell. Each one has it’s own characteristics and time frame to complete. The drawings are much faster to complete in a day or a few hours.


Is your real name Michele di Erre?

96% It Is.

Any advice for aspiring artists?

Talent is essential as well as dedication and hard work. Don’t expect success but work hard towards it. Try to make each piece your best. Also, watch how you treat people and your job, keep to your deadlines and don’t think you are God’s gift to art because there’s always going to be somebody better than you. After all…we aren’t saving the world but we can make it a better place. 

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