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Technique: oil and pure amber

Support: wood

Size in cm 20x30

Private Collection

First Kiss

  • Inspired by a photo I came across in a temporary photography exhibition. The title was Young Snapper, 10th June 1926: A young photographer capturing a kiss on old camera at a children's party at Alexandra Palace, London. In my oil version the child holds a smart phone instead! A contemporary interpretation, but certainly more true and authentic than the photo composition from the 1926. If nothing else, this is an image that may be more than frequent today!

    In this series of paintings, the main subjects are children and childhood, a very important topic for me. Niños are a mirror whom reflect our past, present and future. With a hidden symbolism, the soul of the child can show us our mistakes and our potential. Part of this series was born in collaboration with Bomarzo, for the Hay Festival Jericó in Colombia.
    Signed on the back and certified.
    Thanks for your visit.

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