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Technique: Ink

Support: paper 150mg

Size in cm:  21x29.7

Ecuador, 2024

San Pedro

  • During the San Pedro Ceremony, the Q’ero shamans guide participants in a safe environment as they experience visions and spiritual awakening. Leading up to the ceremony, patients undergo 24 hours of fasting. The ceremony takes place at night, before a mesa, an altar made of shells, ceramics, and images of gods or saints which serves as a diagram to guide the journey.
    Participants consume the huachuma plant medicine, which tastes slightly bitter. When ingested, the extract of San Pedro impacts neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. Patients take the cactus during a purification rite, sometimes through tobacco suspended in alcohol sent through the nose with a snail shell. People may also consume huachuma as a dried powder or as a tea.
    Those who have participated in the plant medicine ceremony describe it as a process that opens the mind like a flower. Like the night-blooming flower of the cactus, so too does your mind blossom during the evening ceremony.
    After about one to two hours, the active substance begins to take effect. Like in life, each person has their unique experience. Some may experience nausea, although this also varies from person to person. As the effects set in, a lucid dream-like experience takes over and the body feels numb. The journey back to oneself begins to unveil, a process that lasts between eight to 15 hours.
    The plant opens the third eye to subconscious states of higher awareness, unlocking secrets from the divine. But those who have participated explain that the San Pedro effect is more calming and not as physical compared to other psychotropics, like Peyote which also contains mescaline.
    You experience a greater sensitivity to light, perceiving every ray and beyond to divine light. You may develop greater senses. People and beings beyond the normal human perception begin to appear.
    The drawing is my vision. Comments please your experience if you had one.

    This is a particular series to which I am personally linked. It expresses in image personal and non-personal experiences of some medicines and psychedelic drugs that surely many of you have tried or in any case heard of at least once. Imagination here has no limits. Performed in 2 or 4 hours, the work begins with a simple drawing that outlines its composition with HB pencil, super light. Inking follows with a Japanese brush or with a fine-line pen. All the works are signed and certified.

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