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Technique: oil and pure amber

Support: canvas

Size in cm:  120x120

Turin, 2015

Ritmic Eyes Moviment

  • In this painting he represents four little girls sleeping on the bed. In my idea in this painting I want to capture the moment when I am in bed but at the same time the feeling of a dream. Suspended in this deep black, my subjects dream and levitate in an infinite time. This painting has been featured in many exhibitions and has been displayed in my bedroom for years. It's a painting that calms me down and inspires me. A painting that reminds me of the importance of dreaming. Here you can also see the preparatory sketch of the painting, available only in the VIP area.

    This is a series of oil paintings, mostly in black and white. They arise from sketches made around the city, museums and from photographic image research. Made with technique ¨Blind Contour Drawing¨, Umanoidi is a sincere mirror of how I see the metropolitan world wrapped in a darkness that is illuminated only by the human figure.

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