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Technique: Acrylic, Ink and mix media

Support: Old Page from a Book "el libro del amor magico" 1979

Size in cm: 28x19.5
Skegness, UK June 2024

Red Smoker W.

  • This New collection was born as a challenge and a very important necessity for me. After the course with @antoniocrea13 , I decided to test myself with the most famous portraits of women in history which probably don't need introductions.

    The element in common with these women will be the color Red. Especially the red hair. All my life I have been fascinated and attracted by red hair, I don't know why, but it's something that has always blown my mind. I had some girls with red hair, they were beautiful. Others, however, have always been in my dreams and I have never had the chance to win their hearts.
    All works are signed with certificate of authenticity.


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