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¨Art Card, Edition & Originals¨

SIZE: 2.5" x 3.5” or 64 mm × 89 mm.

Limited edition print of my original artwork.

Only 3 Available for each Design


  • Aceo is an acronym for ¨Art Card, Edition & Originals¨ which are great collectible pieces. They are small work of art that are released as either one-off pieces or editions. They are very similar to baseball cards. They must be 2.5" x 3.5” or 64 mm × 89 mm.

    This is a limited edition ACEO print of my original artwork.

    A certificate of Authenticity is printed on the reverse side and is hand-signed, numbered and dated. This certificate guarantees the origin and autenticity of your new original MdE ArtWork.

    I have taken great care to ensure this limited edition print is a close to the original work as possible.

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