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Technique: oil and pure amber

Support: canvas

Size in cm:  200x140

Turin, 2017


  • Maya is a couple of humanoids who simulate a kiss which is an illusion. Drawing made with the Blind Contour technique portraying The Kiss (The Nurse and the Sailor), photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.It is an image that, perhaps unintentionally, has become the iconographic representation of a historical moment. August 14, 1945. President Truman had just announced victory over Japan and, therefore, the end of the Second World War. Armed with his inseparable Leica and finding himself among the people spontaneously celebrating the end of the war in Times Square, Eisenstaedt caught the moment in which a sailor crazed with joy grabbed a young nurse in his arms, kissing her passionately in the middle of the street, between Broadway and Seventh Avenue.The nurse portrayed appears to be Edith Shain who died at the age of 91 in 2009. At the end of the seventies, she wrote to the photographer saying that she was the girl immortalized and that she had received that famous kiss by chance while walking in Times Square. There are mainly two theories regarding the sailor: the first, according to which he is still unknown today, and the second, which identifies him as George Mendonsa. Some also claim that the sailor was in Times Square with his wife and that, drunk, he accidentally kissed the nurse, while his wife looked at him.It was later discovered that the subjects portrayed were posing and that the photo does not portray an authentic moment, but one well composed by the photographer. That's why I call her Maya. Illusion

    This is a series of oil paintings, mostly in black and white. They arise from sketches made around the city, museums and from photographic image research. Made with technique ¨Blind Contour Drawing¨, Umanoidi is a sincere mirror of how I see the metropolitan world wrapped in a darkness that is illuminated only by the human figure.

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