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¨Art Card, Edition & Originals¨

SIZE: 2.5" x 3.5” or 64 mm × 89 mm.

Limited edition print of my original artwork.

Only 3 Available for each Design


  • Aceo is an acronym for ¨Art Card, Edition & Originals¨ which are great collectible pieces. They are small work of art that are released as either one-off pieces or editions. They are very similar to baseball cards. They must be 2.5" x 3.5” or 64 mm × 89 mm.

    Inspired by a photo I came across in a temporary photography exhibition. The title was Young Snapper, 10th June 1926: A young photographer capturing a kiss on old camera at a children's party at Alexandra Palace, London. In my oil version the child holds a smart phone instead! A contemporary interpretation, but certainly more true and authentic than the photo composition from the 1926. If nothing else, this is an image that may be more than frequent today!

    This is a limited edition ACEO print of my original artwork.

    A certificate of Authenticity is printed on the reverse side and is hand-signed, numbered and dated. This certificate guarantees the origin and autenticity of your new original MdE ArtWork.

    I have taken great care to ensure this limited edition print is a close to the original work as possible.

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