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Technique: oil and pure amber

Support: canvas

Size in cm:  150x100

Turin, 2016

In quel Bosco a Little Red Hood

  • In this giant version of Little Red Riding Hood, I imagined that, lost in the woods, she starts collecting pieces of bodies, probably rejected by the taste of the wolf. There are also some cigarettes on the ground which could perhaps be the cigarettes that Little Red Riding Hood, Ansel and Gretel secretly smoked in the woods as teenagers? See the framework in Fairy Tale.

    This is a series of oil paintings, mostly in black and white. They arise from sketches made around the city, museums and from photographic image research. Made with technique ¨Blind Contour Drawing¨, Umanoidi is a sincere mirror of how I see the metropolitan world wrapped in a darkness that is illuminated only by the human figure.

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