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Technique: Ink and WaterColour

Support: paper 150mg with texture

Size in cm:  21x29.7

Colombia, 2024

Flamingo in Colour

  • Here, like many of my other works, I like to replicate and color them. It doesn't happen often but for some subjects I like being able to re-explore them, change them and give them new life. A bit like when you read a good book, sometimes you end up reading it a second time.

    Here is a second and final version of Manchester on flamingo, in a smaller format, on a particular paper and all colored

    This series symbolically and surreally explores the cohabitation of animals with an urban landscape. Here the ecological approach that distinguishes human/nature relationship is central by inviting us to perceive the earth as a living entity, as a large garden in which all the ignored fragments of the landscape offer us opportunities for regeneration. This was inspired by Gilles Clément's concept of "Third Landscape." All works are signed and certified.

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