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Sketchbook India-Nepal-India 2019

Technique: Ink Brash and watercolours

Support: Sketchbook carta paglia

Size in cm: 21x29.5

Australia-NuovaZelanda, 2019-21

N.42 Pages with Original Drawings

Here is a video presentation and some photos of the internal pages

Sketchbook India-Nepal-India 2019

  • In this magnificent sketchbook, made during a trip to India, Nepal and again in India, he collects urban sketches performed on the streets, portraits of people and surreal compositions of the environments and places I lived in. A sometimes hallucinating journey full of psychedelic visions in the company of my dear companion Varvara Franko. I will never forget this adventure where I almost died in the Gujarat desert in India, only to be reborn in the Kashmir regions and finally realize that my visa had expired weeks ago and I was forced to return. But this requires a separate story. For these reasons the sketchbook was never completed and has some blank pages.

    My sketchbooks are frequently used by me for drawing or painting as a part of my creative process. I use the sketchbook as a sort of blueprint for future art pieces. It is a very precious document for me, which I usually carry with me for a year. Many have traveled around the world, others have always been in the studio. The price is high, because the intrinsic value is high. Some contain sketches of compositions that became paintings. More unpublished sketches of something I never developed. Others are urban sketches. In short, there really is everything in these little art books.

    All sketchbook are signed with certificate of authenticity.

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