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Technique: Oil and pure amber

Support: wood

Size in cm: 60x40

Torino, june 2017

Available with frame

Double paint On the back side PeterPan


  • This is a cheeky Cinderella! I also enjoyed making this drawing initially with the Blind Contour technique, from an English painting from the 1800s. The references are lost over time, but the painting remains. Initially I had called it the little mouse, but then I changed my mind because the figure of this woman who looks at you in her eyes and shows part of her chest smiling as if she were a queen playing with her role. A painting that I enjoyed painting especially because it comes after the one I did on the back of this painting, which represents a chubby Peter Pan, who no longer flies alone, but with a red airplane... I don't have this painting never finished or maybe it is. I don't have a photo available at the moment.

    This artwork is certified with my signature on the back of the painting.

    Thanks for your visit.

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