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Technique: Ink, watercolour and mixed media

Support: paper aged with coffee, the and clay

Size in cm: 21x29.7

Skegness, june 2024

Buddha Music

  • Drawing made on aged paper, it represents an all-female Buddha, playing an imaginary sitar, where the strings start from the seventh chakra to turn to the first chakra, creating a figure that Michelangelo Pistoletto called the third paradise, a definition that I invite you to look for. A strong symbol, an infinity with a slightly larger circle in the center. A meditation therefore, a nirvana playing the music of the universe.

    This series is a deep graphical exploration of my lucid dreaming practice. Drawn with ink, watercolour and other media, on aged papers, and not, these works try to immortalize the complex images that follow one another in dreams. The result are surreal compositions with often symbolic meanings.
    All works are signed and certified.


    Sweet Vision!

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