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Technique: Ink

Support: paper 150mg

Size in cm:  21x29.7

Ecuador, 2024

AYAHUASCA the plant

  • AYAHUASCA the mother.Another very powerful ancestral medicine from South America. This too would deserve an encyclopedia to explain. Everyone has their own vision. This is mine. I have had the ceremony twice in my life and I can say that each one was special and unique. I'm still trying to understand the result.

    This is a particular series to which I am personally linked. It expresses in image personal and non-personal experiences of some medicines and psychedelic drugs that surely many of you have tried or in any case heard of at least once. Imagination here has no limits. Performed in 2 or 4 hours, the work begins with a simple drawing that outlines its composition with HB pencil, super light. Inking follows with a Japanese brush or with a fine-line pen. All the works are signed and certified.

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