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The online shop is not yet active. However, if you really want to immediately purchase one of my works, follow the instructions below.

For information and purchases you can write to INFOMICHELEDIERRE@GMAIL.COM

or leave a message below, indicating the chosen piece,  the address to send to.

I will contact you soon after for confirmation.

The following images are mostly oil paintings on different support.

Anyone interested in purchasing original work from elsewhere on this website, if it's available, can contact me at the same address. 

Magic Time

Acrylic on canvas, 50x40, 2022 750 € BUY NOW

Bersaglio di Oz

"Target" Oil on canvas, 90x65, 2016 900 € without frame BUY NOW

The tree house

Acrylic on canvas, 50x40, 2022 500 € BUY NOW

Mad Hatter

oil on wood, 50x40, 2016 600 € with frame BUY NOW

Quella finestra nel bosco 2

"That window in the wood". Oil on canvas, 90x65, 2015 950 € with frame

Illogical Bird

Acrylic on canvas, 30x20, 2022 100 € without frame

The snail

Acrylic on canvas, 50x40, 2022 480 €

Pin.occhio escape

Acrylic on canvas, 20x60, 2022 300 € BUY NOW


Oil on masonite 56x46 2016 1400 euro with frame SOLD OUT

Il pifferaio magico

Oil on masonite, 58x40, 2017 600 € with frame

Hook 2

olio su masonite, 50x40, 2017 550 € with frame


oil on masonite, 60x39, 2017 550 € with frame

First Kiss

Olio su tavola 30x20 2017 500 € without frame SOLD OUT


Oil on canvas, 140x100, 2015 1000 € without frame

Don't smok before

Oil on canvas, 98x80, 2015 600 € without frame

Compianto al Cristo morto

Oil on canvas, 125x160, 2015. "Christ unnailed" 1100 € without frame


Olio e ambra su tavola Oil on wood 136x45 2014 900 € without frame


Oil on canvas, 162x125, 2015 900 € without frame

Ritmic Eyes Movements

Oil on canvas, 120x120, 2015 800 € without frame

c'era un bosco

"In that wood", Oil on canvas, 150x105, 2015 500 € without frame


oil on canvas 195x135 2017 1500 € without frame SOLD OUT


Oil on canvas. 90x65, 2015 490 € without frame


Oil on canvas, 162x122, 2016 1200 € without frame


Oil on canvas, 162x122, 2016 1100 € without frame


Olio su tela, 65x90 2016 490 € without frame


Oil on canvas, 40x30, 2017 200 € without frame


Oil on wood 44x30, 2022 290 € with frame

mela su scala

Olio su tela, 40x40, 2017 220 € without frame


Olio su tela, 40x40, 2017 120 € with frame


"Spelling" Oil on wood 19x39 2014 120 €


Oil on wood Size 50x62, 2022 390 € with frame


Oil on canvas, 50x40, 2017 490 € without frame


Olio su tavola, 40x30, 2017 120 € without frame

 Please send your contact details and chosen piece to for shipping to be calculated or fill out the form. 

For all paintings the shipping cost varies according to the size and destination.

I will then contact you as soon as possible to confirm the full amount and a new link PayPal or you could enter the amount you received by mail in the PayPal "donation" bottom below. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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