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by Michele di Erre and Gianluca Vigone

Genre Non-Fiction. Graphic Song. 2016

Versione Paperback

Italian Version, 32 Pages

L'Armata Vincibile

  • L'armata Vincibile, translated "The Winable Army" is a graphic song or an illustrated short story. This is inspired by the irreverent songs of the storyteller Gianluca Vigone and his own story as an artist whom failed by will. What happens if instead of saying "yes" to success you do everything to fail? Here is ´L'armata Vincibile´ that instead of defending itself lets itself sink with honor as a good captain would do with his ship. Available only in the Italian version, but you can also have fun looking only at the illustrations and listening to the songs. The paperback version is sold out but watch this space for an extended version as an ebook.

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