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Genre Non-Fiction. 2022

English Version, 106 pages

Paper Version
"An original hilarious manual about life in New Zealand full of crazy illustrations"   

Vivian Kunz 

Kiwiland Paper Version

  • Kiwiland is an illustrated guide for curious islanders

    This book is the result of my long stay in the New Zealand Islands. It's an ironic account of life there, exploring cultural, historical, anthropological, political aspects and investigating how one can become a good "kiwi".

    You don't know what a kiwi is? Then this is the right book for you!

    This the first version of Kiwiland is Edition 2022 post Covid19.

    I'm currently working at an extension. The new version will be released,next year, more complete, more irreverent and full of brand new and fun illustrations. To ensure you don't miss the new release, write me an email with the subject "Kia Ora" and you will receive Info about when available.

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