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First part

1.Choose a subject
2.Observe it in every details
3.Close your eye and paint the pencil on the white page
4.Start drawing taking in consideration only your memory, tracking with the pencil the outline of the imagine that you see in your mind, considering every little details; if applying the “outline” technique, follow the shape of the subject with open eyes without looking the page; so that the drawing will reflect exactly what you are looking to, and how your wind is perceiving it.
5.There is no time limit; it's important not to think about how the drawing is coming but to concentrate on automatic gesture, trying to improve the picture with more details as possible
6.At the end of the exercise open your eyes and look at what you've done

Second part

This is most intensive part, complete the picture remaining as loyal as possible to the line that you have drawn during the exercise. The way to improve the work are many, and the artist has to have the skill choose the right one that better reflects the first impression that he gave the picture, you can add but not delete.
This is are ways to use these techniques, a way that opens the gate to new type of input and the possibility of new discoveries.

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