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first if you're in hurry.. don't play!
You need to be at last in two to play.
Each player thinks about an animal to tell to who is setting beside him.
Ready... go!
Write, on the back of your paper, the name of the animal that you have to draw, year, your name, age and your profession.
Now close your eyes and try to figure the animal. Once you see it, whit your eyes close, start drawing it on the paper. Don't worry if you get out of the paper, it's wot important; it's important for you to draw exactly what you're seeing in your mind in that very moment.
Take your time.. it's not a race!When you feel like you're finished open your eyes, you will be amazed to see how you're mind has express you thoughts .
This game helps people to get rid of their auto-criticism and above all it helps understanding that for drawing it's not important to see but observe: paper, pencil and time; discover a world that slips away as fast as if we where looking at it through a train window.
Repeat the game 4 or 5 times and you will notice the improving of your skill to focus on the figure you're trying to see.

Have Fun!

pencil or pen
different types of paper

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