Message from Space 2018
Installation site specific

Message from Space


of Michele di Erre, NicoNemoNoé, Alessandro Fara

Concept of Michele di Erre


Adaptable to any exhibition space, the only need to completely obscure the space.


A timeless, meditative place, every surface of the space is painted (including the ceiling and floor) using lumen paint. Painting is a faithful reproduction of the starry sky of the exhibition period. The audience enters the dark, a timer will activate the ultraviolet lights for about 1 minute and for about another minute the lights will be turned off to activate the paint that will create a luminescence effect in which the audience will feel suspended in a real spatial environment . The interior of the room will be snoozed with a complementary audio installation of various sounds of our galaxy created by Alessandro Fara. A video-art by Alessandro Fara projected outside the room in loop representing his personal vision of the installation of Michele di Erre.


This installation was hosted at "Here3" in Cavallerizzairreale di Torino.

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