“Born in Torino 1979, I worked for 8 years as an actor, during and after my studies at the University. During this time, I grew an interest towards stagecraft more than on acting. I attended the atelier of stage designer/painter Daniela Dal Cin and for the following 10 years I worked as a lighting technician for all the main theatres in Torino, while doing photography in my free time. As from 2010 I started my studies on drawing, as a self-taught person. I collaborate as a freelance illustrator with local newspapers and magazines of satire. I experimented in conveying content through a line, creating a graphic poem in 2013, and a graphic song in 2014. Since the beginning of my experience with drawing, I've been constantly searching for a style that could represent my perception of reality. I started experimenting with peripheral drawing, in which the subject is drawn while always looking away from the sketchbook, and I progressively stretched the possibilities of this simple exercise to their limit, discovering a reality that appears disgregated in its rational form, but holds an extremely powerful expressive strength. I re-discovered the subconscius into reality. I call it Sub-realism. My working method is composed of two phases: the first is the gathering of images, impressions and subjects that fascinate me in real life; the second is the realistic re-elaboration of the sketches created, that appear as pure emotional perception, free from the cognitive filter of reality. The result is a snap-shot of my thought, that looks very much like the images that remain after a dream is dreamt. A daydream."



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Torino, Galleria Mercurio, Matite furiose



Torino, Caffeine, Fiabe al banco

Torino, Cavallerizza Irreale, Communitas

Quiliano, Sacs, Diffusa

Zurich, Cabaret Voltaire

Art Basel, Galleria kunsthallekleinbasel

Torino, Cavallerizza Irreale, Here

Torino, Museo della Fantascienza

Svizzera, YIA Art Fair - Basel Art Center

Torino, Festiival della cultura dal basso, CameraChiara

Imbersago, FondazioneGranataBraghieri, Il vero

Pianezza, Teatro Laboratorio Creativo, Risvolti di una spece




Vicenza, Galleria Metamorfosi, Trame de soi

(Cat.) France, Tulle, Rue des Art, Trame de soi

Pinerolo, Teatro del Lavoro, Immagini dall'intero

Albissola, Pozzo Garitta

Torino, Str.eat, Bersagli

(Cat.) Swiss, Kunsthalle Kleinbasel in Basel, Intact to the Future

France, Villa Mallet-Stevens, CACHET DE LA POSTE FAISANT FOI




Torino, ATB Gallery, Inumans

Torino, Palazzo di Città, Emozioni sogno e realtà

(Cat.) Concorso Buenos Aires VII

Dogliani, WineArt

Vinadio, Forte di Vinadio, Vinai Fest

(Cat.) Varedo, ExpoArteContemporanea, Final Competition

(Cat.) Torino, TAC Ass. Culturale Azimut, Metamorfosi

Artist Residency in Haarlem, Amsterdam

Collaboration with a Rome NewPaper "Il Bestiario deli italiani"

Carmagnola. Circolo Margot, Umanoidi

Torino, TorinoArtGallery, Primavera

Torino, Belfood, L'Armata Vincibile

Torino, Laboratorio artistico Pietra, L'Armata Vincibile

Grigliasco, Sala del Comune, Armonie in Scala



Torino, Educatorio della Provvidenza, Dualismo e unità

Torino, Adonis, Mostri nella Musica

Langhe, Camo Uflage Progect

Alessandria, PerlaNera, I senza stato

Torino, Vanchiglia Love Night

Torino, Garigliani Belle Arti, Mostri nella Musica

Biella, Bi-Box Art Space, Riusami


Organize with The Shivers at Sartoria Creativa

an Art Saison

"42 arte contemporanea"



Torino, Fattore K, "Come li vedo"

Winner of XVI edizione ArtCompatition  Io Espongo 2013

(Cat.) Torino, Assessorato alla Cultura, Io Espongo XVI 

Moretta (Cn), Cascina S.Giovanni, To be in Art 4ed.

Valle Maira, SkyMarathon

Celle di Macra (Cn), Seles s'è Desta 3ed.

Chiusa Pesio (Cn), Chius'arte

Camo (Cn), Museo a cielo aperto

Asta per Haiti, Accademia Albertina Torino

Torino, Sartoria Creativa, “Piccoli, brutti, storti e malfatti”

(Cat.) Torino, Adonis, Vagarte

Torino, Belfood, Ritratti a sguardo periferico

Torino, Bar Luigi, Progetto di Alessandro Bulgini




Torino, Zodiaco

Torino, T.Espace, Young Wood 2

(Cat.) Bra (Cn), Movicentro, Identita 4

Celle di Macra (Cn), Seles s'è Desta 2a edizione

Moretta (Cn), Cascina S.Giovanni, To be in Art 2ed

Torino, T. Espace, Urge

(Cat.) Torino, P-ars, Il mondo della fine

Create "The Shivers " a free artistic thinking




Torino, FotoReportage, Paratissima

Torino, Salone del Libro, ArteVisual

Finale del concorso Memoria del Corpo


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