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On this page you can read articles about me, curiosities about drawings and more.

This is a blog where I'll share ideas, opinions and visions, some processes of how I create my art but not only. There will be funny, ironic and often sarcastic articles about art and life in general. This blog is an open, sharing page, so I invite you if you are a person with a similar vision of life or art to mine, and you have something important and magnificent to share, feel free to write an article and it will be posted here.

Let's try to surf as much as possible on this ocean, life, which encompasses everything and everyone, I will try to observe and investigate as the first time as a child. I'll try to make as many mistakes as possible! I swear this to you!

 I'm always open to a discussion about if you want because that's what an artist should do:

investigate, investigate, investigate everywhere!


Enjoy your readingand share as much you can!

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