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This technique represents a stimulating exercise used by artist, psychologist, educator and teachers to achieve different goals, like the overcome of the artist inhibitions to express his unconscious side and to use in an active way the right side the brain. This technique represents a way to fully take consciousness of the world from a subjective point of view.

To better understand this type of drawing we suggest  you to try this simple exercise: take a careful look to the person  that's sitting next to you (if you're alone, do it with an object) with the intent to memorize it. Now close your eyes  and picture it in your mind as if you where actually looking looking at it, in it's unity. What do you see? We bet you can only see the details better than the whole, as if your mind provided whit a magnifying  glass. . So “blind” drawing it nothing but the representation of our memories in its complexity, details after details, portraying it through accurate, dense and specific lines.



This second technique, instead of recalling memories, it takes place by looking at the reality that is front of the artist, without looking the paper. This practice brings the author to express the pure instinctive perception of  the reality that surrounds him.
To better understand the application of the techniques we invite you to visit the
instruction page.
Aim of these practices is to reinterprete reality in a different way every time we draw.





"The Shivers is born in 2012, a free artistic tought.

This name recall the way of the outlying (or lateral) drawings.

In other words is that shiver that goes through the body but somehow

keeps hanging on the memory, the memory of an emotion,

am image that is possible to draw as quickly as it can disappear."

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